The Cassowary

A very large flightless bird related to the emu, with a bare head and neck, a tall horny crest, and one or two colored wattles. It is native mainly to the forests of New Guinea.

This photo of the cassowary was made by me at the Planckendael Antwerp Zoo and is featured in these and various other publications.
Large size high resolutions versions of this cassowary photo can be downlaoded here: and here:

Their fate is our faith
I’m writing from The Experiment, an independent publisher in New York ( I came across your lovely photograph of a cassowary on I am writing to confirm whether the image is still under the Creative Commons Attribution license. If so, we would like to include your photo in the digital version of our upcoming book, Their Fate Is Our Fate by Nobel laureate Peter Doherty. Drawing from the most up-to-date scientific research, the book describes the importance of birds in the study of human disease and outlines how birds can help humans recognize changes in the environment. You can read more about the book here:

We would be happy to offer you a free download of Their Fate Is Our Fate as a thank you (or a free copy of the paperback edition, although it will not include your photograph because it is being printed in black and white). Please let me know whether we may use the image–and if so, please let me know if this credit line is acceptable:

Cassowary [cc] Paul IJsendoorn used under a Creative Commons Attribution license

the Australian Conservation Foundation Rainforest rescue.
The engagement team at the Australian Conservation Foundation. We are currently producing some materials for an upcoming campaign on the Great Dividing Range which will feature some coverage of the plight of the southern cassowary and the need to protect the species from declining any further. I came across your lovely image on on Wikipedia and we would love to use it if possible for the campaign across a number of our materials. We’d like to use this image across a number of our materials and I just wanted to get your approval before pushing ahead. This would include social media, our website, supporter emails and fundraising materials in addition to the report.


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