Free download Forced Square Techno font

You can use this Forced Square Techno font for both commercial and personal use. Reselling as a stand alone font is not allowed. Forced Square Font by Paul Ijsendoorn is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Please contact me if you like to have permissions beyond the scope of this license.

This techno font is a truetype font. Download here and at


Graphic designer, Illustrator and photography enthousiast. Based between Antwerp and Amsterdam.

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        1. Paul says:

          Yes you can use Forced Square for logo design. Credit/atribution to is very much appreciated but not required.

  1. Alex says:


    I wish to use your font in a simple game I am making and I am a bit confused what are the limits of remixing the work. I do not plan on changing the font itself but rather have it filled with either a colour or a texture. Are both cases fine? Is just changing colour fine or are both not allowed?

    I am interested in commercial use of the font.

  2. Alex says:


    I plan to use the font in a game i am developing. Is it alright if I apply a texture to it or change its colour during rendering (the actual font file stays intact as it is).

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